Kids Camp 2020 Update

It is with heavy hearts that we need to let you know that we feel it is in the best interest of the not only the children, but our team of leaders and churches that Kids Camp 2020 is cancelled. We have been closely watching the CDC guidelines and we do not feel that we can implement ALL the guidelines with the highest level of integrity. We want to make sure we honor not only our government, but we want to honor our families and churches as well.
Cancellation Process for Parents:
  1. If you have not already submitted the Summer Camp 2020 form, please complete the form to let us know how you would like for us to handle your camp registration funds.
  2. If you have already filled out the Summer Camp 2020 form, you can send us an email with an update on what you want us to do and we will edit your form.
Cancellation Process for Churches Who Registered Campers:
  1. We are asking parents who have made payments towards kids camp to fill out the Summer Camp 2020 form so we issue them a refund, transfer to next year’s camp or they can donate to camp.
  2.  If your church would like for us to issue a refund, transfer or donate to camp, you can use the Summer Camp 2020 Churches form.
Cancellation Process for Kids Camp Leadership Applicants:
  1. We can issue you a refund or you can transfer the funds to next year’s camp. Simply email us at
If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

2020 Kids Camp Gift Packages


KidMin Bag
BGMC Waterbottle
KidMin Journal
KidMin Pen
KidMin Chapstick
21 Day Devotion


KidMin Lunchbag
Motts Fruit Snacks
Oreo/Chips Ahoy
Pringles Snack Size
Slim Jim
Granola Bar
Jolly Rancher Water Singles


LED Glasses
Finger Lights
LED Wand
UV Paint sticks (colors vary)
Glow Stick
Glow Stick Necklace
Glow Stick Bracelets


This year’s camp gift packages are available for purchase NOW! If you have a group of campers, or a leader going to kids camp this year, you can purchase one of our Camp Gift Packages for them to enjoy in their room! We have different price points available for your budget, for more info on each of the packages please click below!

Kid’s Camp will be one of the best weeks of your child’s summer!

For your children coming out of kindergarden through first grade, our Starter Campers, they will love getting to know Heartland and our awesome camp staff. Our campers coming out of second through fifth grade will love adventuring in the creek, hanging out with friends both old and new, splashing in the pool, and growing in their faith through engaging evening services. This is a week you won’t want your kiddos to miss!


2020 JBQ  Questions

Get a head start on learning the JBQ (Junior Bible Quiz) questions and answers for Kids Camp!

Kids Camp BGMC Project

BGMC is the AG missions program for kids that instills a heart of compassion to reach the lost through praying, giving, and going. All funds raised through BGMC go to meet critical needs around the world such as feeding programs, water wells, Bible schools, curriculum, and whatever else a missionary needs in their part of the world. BGMC goes to where the need is the greatest, where the timing is the most urgent, and where people’s lives can be changed forever.

This year we have an opportunity to work with a special project for BGMC that will go to help fund the building of an ice cream shop in a very sensitive country, that is not open to Jesus, on the other side of the world.  An ice cream shop will allow a missionary to go into a country as a business person and give them incredible opportunity to share about Jesus through their business while forming friendships with the people in that area, many of whom have never even had a chance to hear about Jesus!

Our goal is to raise $27,000 this year for this special project!  To help reach this goal, we are challenging every kid and every kids’ leader to give a $20.20 offering specifically for this special Ice Cream BGMC project.

Imagine, if every church and individual each commit to giving $20.20, what BGMC could raise for this fund in just a few days at camp!

Together, we are challenging kids to reach the world, and when we give to BGMC, missionaries are being equipped to spread the wonderful love of Jesus!

Will you take the challenge?