Kids Camp 2020

July 13-17 & July 20-24
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Kids Camp Information

Ohio Kid Min offers three camps for children from kindergarten through 5th grade. These camps have been a staple of a great summer in the Ohio Ministry Network. Our camps take place at Heartland Conference Retreat Center. Heartland is a beautiful year-round Christian camp, conference and retreat center operated by the Ohio Ministry Network. 

Starter Camp

Coming out of K – 1st Grade



Kids Camp

Coming out of 2nd – 5th Grade


Starter Camp

Coming out of Kindergarten – 1st Grade


July 13th – July 15th
July 15th – July 17th

July 20th – July 22nd
July 22nd – July 24th


Kids Camp 1

Coming out of Grades 2nd – 5th


July 13th – July 17th

Kids Camp 2

Coming out of Grades 2nd – 5th


July 20th – July 24th

Early Bird
Deadline is June 1st


Regular Registration
Deadline is June 22nd


Late Registration
After June 22nd


Early Bird
Deadline is June 1st


Regular Registration
Deadline is June 22nd


Late Registration
After June 22nd


Early Bird
Deadline is June 1st


Regular Registration
Deadline is June 22nd


Late Registration
After June 22nd


Kid’s Camp will be one of the best weeks of your child’s summer!

For your children coming out of kindergarden through first grade, our Starter Campers, they will love getting to know Heartland and our awesome camp staff. Our campers coming out of second through fifth grade will love adventuring in the creek, hanging out with friends both old and new, splashing in the pool, and growing in their faith through engaging evening services. This is a week you won’t want your kiddos to miss!



Here is the step by step process to help you as the parent to get your students signed up for camp. All registration is done online. Registration may take up to 30 minutes to complete.  Please have your medical insurance information ready before starting. 

1. Register With Church or Group

If your child is attending Ohio KidMin Kids Camp with a church group, contact the pastor/group leader BEFORE REGISTERING to find out what your Church ID code is.

This code is required if you are attending with a church and wish for your student to be housed with their church or included in their group for registration and/or activities. 

Once you have your Church ID code, please proceed with the registration process below.

*If you are registering your child individually, please proceed to the next step.

For a step by step guide on how to register, click here.

Register Now

Heart for Ohio participating churches receive a $25 discount per camper. The discount will be applied to the church’s group hold automatically. See if your church is on the list below.

HFO Church List

2. Registering Without a group

If your child is attending OKM Summer Camps with a church group, please see Step 1.

If your student is attending camp without a group please proceed to the button below.

For a step by step guide on how to register, please click here.

Register Now

Heart for Ohio participating churches receive a $25 discount per camper. If your church is on the list and you’re registering as an individual, please complete your registration, then contact our office at 614-396-0128 to have the discount applied before making your payment.

HFO Church List

3. Payment plans

Parents who choose to use our online camper registration option may either pay in full or make payments. A $50 non-refundable deposit per camper per week of camp is required to officially register the camper. Payment must be made in full by the chosen payment deadline. Payments are not automatically charged to your credit card. You will need to log in to your camp registration account each time you want to make a payment. Payments (minus $50 deposit) can be refunded at the parents request before June 1st.

No payments can be refunded for any reason after June 1st.

If a camper is unable to attend camp due to illness, injury, or schedule conflict, the parent may request the funds be transferred to another campers account for the current year of camps or to the same campers account for the next years camps.

Payment Plan Calculator

4. Kids Camp Bank

A camp bank exists so campers can avoid accidental loss of their money. Campers MUST deposit their money either upon online registration or during registration on Monday. The Camp Bank will be open at different times throughout the week for kids to access their store credit. Any remaining balance can be picked up from the bank on Friday morning before leaving camp. Money not picked up from the Camp Bank on Friday will be donated to BGMC.

5. Packing List for Camp

Click the button below to view important camp information, including the camper’s packing list.

View Packing List

6. BGMC Offering

This year we will be partnering with BGMC to raise money for their Critical Needs Fund.  This fund is a vital resource for our missionaries around the world. These funds go to Assemblies of God U.S. and World Missions leadership to meet urgent needs in the face of natural disasters, political unrest, and extreme poverty. These funds also frequently meet the needs of missionaries risking their lives to serve in sensitive countries where Christianity is not welcomed and Christians are often persecuted.

In 1949, the first BGMC offering was $9.35. This year, as we celebrate BGMC’s seventieth birthday, we are challenging kids’ pastors across the nation to lead their kids in giving a $20.19 offering specifically for the Critical Needs Fund.

Imagine, if every church and individual each commit to giving $20.19, what BGMC could raise for this fund in just five days!

Together, we are challenging kids to reach the world, and when we give to BGMC’s Critical Needs Fund, missionaries are being equipped to spread the wonderful love of Jesus!

Kidmin Leaders

Here is the step by step process to help you as the leader to get your students signed up for camp. All registration is done online.

1. Request your CHURCh ID

If you are a group leader and need to reserve space at camp for your church group, please request a CHURCH ID code. Once we receive and process your request, you will receive an email with the Church ID/Group Hold code that is specific to your group. You can then send parents the link to register online along with the Church ID/Group Hold code to use when registering.

Benefits of a Church Group ID:

  • It allows parents to easily register online and the campers are then shown as registered as a part of your church group.
  • The Church ID allows you to customize the camp price that parents see. Need to add additional funds to cover transportation to and from camp? No problem! We can add that for you. Or if your church will be paying a portion of the registration fee for each camper, we can customize the price your students’ parents see when they pay for camp.
  • A Church ID allows you to hold space at your preferred camp for your group. Please note that we will release any unfilled spaces within a Church ID Group Hold 1 month before each camp, or sooner if the camp reaches capacity and your students have not paid their $50 deposit to hold their spot.

Follow these steps to register your group for Summer Camp:

STEP 1 – Request a Church ID below. After your request is received, you will be contacted via email to confirm the details of your Church ID Group spots. Once the Church ID is set up, you will be given the Church ID for parents to use when completing the online registration for their child. (This process may take up to two weeks so please plan ahead.)

STEP 2 – Send the Summer Camp website URL ( to parents along with your Church ID so they can register their child online.

STEP 3 – Recruit adult leaders to be Room Leaders for your group. Ask them to visit the OKM Camp website to complete the application.

HFO Church List

2. Distribute CHURCH ID

Send the Summer Camp website URL ( to parents along with the Church ID code that corresponds with the correct camp that the student is attending so they can register student child online.

An email will be sent every Monday to the email listed with the Church ID. This will show how many holds you have and the number you have registered. It will also give you each campers name and date they registered. If you have any questions about this report please email

If your students have never attended camp you can also send the parents our step by step registration guide to help them with the registration process.

3. Organize your room leaders

Due to the large number of campers that attend OKM Summer Camps, all churches that bring groups of more than 5 are expected to provide Room Leaders for their campers. The preferred ratio is 1 adult Room Leader for every 7 students of the same gender.

Example: 3 male campers and 8 female campers in the group will mean the church must bring 1 male Room Leader and 2 female Room Leaders.

4. Transportation to Camp

It is highly recommended that church groups secure transportation for their campers to and from camp that will NOT include Support Staff as drivers. All Camp staff and Support Staff must report to camp for setup and training on the Sunday night before Camp and therefore cannot be available to drive campers to Camp on Monday.

5. Download Promo Graphics

See the button below to download our promotional graphics to support our upcoming event.

Promo Graphics

6. Request Printed Materials

Upon your request, we do have printed promotional material avaiable. See the button below to submit a request.

Printed Material Request

Support Staff

Here is the step by step process to becoming a team member at The Ohio Kid Min Kids Camp in 2019. All registration is done online.

1. Important Information

The success of Kids Camp depends on team members who dedicate a week of their summer to serve campers as their Room Leader. We accept applications from eligible adults who are pastors, youth leaders, parents, college students, and those who were personally impacted when they were a camper and now want to give back.

All volunteer camp staff are placed as Room Leaders. Room assignments are typically made based on church groups with a leader from the same church as the Room Leader, but this is not always the case and cannot be guaranteed. All staff must be willing to lead any campers, whether the camper is from your home church or not. All Room Leaders are expected to participate in all camp activities with enthusiasm and lead every camper to a positive camp experience without favoritism.

2. Eligibility

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age to volunteer at Kids or Starter Camp as a Room Leader. No exceptions.

If you are interested in joining the team but are under the age of 18, we would love to have you join us as a LIT (Leader In Training) Click HERE for that application.

3. Registration Fees

Due to the cost of running camp, the price for Support Staff (Room Leaders) registration is $50 per person per week. This fee covers the mandatory background check and a small portion of the cost of housing, T-shirt, and meals for the week of camp.

If you are applying to be a Room Leader for your church group and your church will be covering your cost, you may use your confirmation email (sent to your provided email address upon completion of this registration form) as a receipt for your church to reimburse you or they may send a check to Ohio Ministry Network for payment of your registration fee.

4. Acceptance

No phone registration or partial registration will be accepted. Only completed and paid applications will be considered for acceptance. Walk-on staff will not be accepted. All acceptance of Support Staff will take place via email on a first come, first serve basis. Priority for acceptance is given to leaders serving their church group as a Room Leader.

Completing the application does not guarantee acceptance. Please wait for your acceptance email before making plans to attend Camp.

Waiting List
Many camps fill up. If you apply and the camp is already filled, you will be contacted and placed on a waiting list. If there is a cancellation, the spot will be filled from the waiting list in the order in which they were received.

5. Apply now

Taking all of the above information into account, please complete your room leader application below.

Room Leader Application

If you are interested in joining the team but are under the age of 18, we would love to have you join us as a LIT (Leader In Training). Please apply below.

Leader In Training Application

6. Leadership Team Only

Were you asked to be a part of the leadership team? If so, you are in the right place. Please fill out your required applications in the buttons below.

*Please note that due to the experience required for these positions, they are by invitation only. If you have not been contacted about serving on this team, we ask that instead of completing the application, you simply make us aware via email and we make note of your desire for future camps.

Program Staff Application

Timothy Team Application

Kids Camp Gift Certificates

Give the gift of Camp. Camp gift certificates are available in various amounts.
Check it out below!

Discounts & Scholarships


Heart for Ohio participating churches receive a $25 discount per camper. The discount can be requested during the online registration process. Upon receiving the camper application, Ohio Youth Ministries will verify that the camper’s church is a current Heart for Ohio church and will approve the discount. If you are a parent and are unsure if your church is a Heart for Ohio participating church, please click here to view the church list.


A fund is in place to receive donations to help students with a financial need attend camp. To request financial assistance, complete the 2020 Summer Camp Financial Assistance Application and submit to Ohio Youth Ministries by May 1, 2020 to be considered for the 2020 Summer Camps. Scholarships are granted based on the availability of funds. To make a donation to the Summer Camp scholarship fund, make your check payable to Ohio Ministry Network and mail to Ohio KidMin – Camp Scholarship, 8405 Pulsar Place, Columbus, Ohio 43240.