Thank you for partnering with us to show love to hundreds of campers from around the great State of Ohio. You are the reason these kids can enjoy splashing in the pool, adventuring in the creek, building relationships with friends, having a blast on the zipline & most importantly, growing their relationship with God. 

Below you will find the step by step process of getting your group ready for camp. Details of each timeline item are listed out below as well. 

In order to get ready for camp, please follow the steps below.
Request your group hold
If you are a group leader and need to reserve space at Camp for your church group, please request a Group Hold code. Once we receive and process your request, you will receive an email with the Group Hold code that is specific to your group. You can then send parents the link to register online along with the Group Hold code to use when registering.

Benefits of a Group Hold:

  • It allows parents to easily register online and the campers are then shown as registered as a part of your church group.
  • A Group Hold allows you to customize the Camp price that parents see. Need to add additional funds to cover transportation to and from Camp? No problem! We can add that for you. Or if your church will be paying a portion of the registration fee for each camper, we can customize the price your students’ parents see when they pay for camp.
  • A Group Hold allows you to hold space at your preferred Camp for your group. Please note that we will release any unfilled spaces within a Group Hold 1 month before each camp. You will be contacted via email when space needs to be released from your Group Hold.

Follow these steps to register your group for Summer Camp:

STEP 1 – Request a group hold on our website. After your request is received, you will be contacted via email to confirm the details of your hold. Once the hold is set, you will be given the Group Hold code for parents to use when completing the online registration for their child. (this process may take up to two weeks so please plan ahead)

STEP 2 – Send the Summer Camp website URL (ohiokidmin.com/Kids-camp) to parents along with your Group Hold code so they can register their child online.

STEP 3 – Recruit adult leaders to be Room Leaders for your group. Ask them to visit the OKM Camp website to complete the application.

Request Group Hold

Group Hold Status Report

An email will be sent every Monday to the email listed on the Group Hold. This will show how many holds you have and the number you have registered. It will also give you each campers name and date they registered. If you have any questions about this report please email okm@ohioministry.net

Organize your room leaders
Due to the large number of campers that attend OKM Summer Camps, all churches that bring groups of more than 5 are expected to provide Room Leaders for their campers. The preferred ratio is 1 adult Room Leader for every 7 students of the same gender.

Example: 3 male campers and 8 female campers in the group will mean the church must bring 1 male Room Leader and 2 female Room Leaders.

Registration for Room Leaders will be open on February 1st, 2018.

Group Transportation to Camp

It is highly recommended that church groups secure transportation for their campers to and from Camp that would not include Room Leaders as drivers. All Camp staff and Room Leaders must report to Camp for set up and training on the Sunday night before Camp and therefore cannot be available to drive campers to Camp on Monday.

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Request Printed Materials
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