BGMC Geocaching Missions Tour

There are 31 geocaches in 8 geographical regions around Ohio with BGMC buttons, missionary trading cards, fun facts about the different countries where our Ohio missionaries are serving in, and so much more!


1. 40.850522,-84.344523

2. 40.126694, -84.637056

3. 39.645818, -84.280566

4. 39.837278, -84.141000

17. 41.194250, -81.582861

18. 39.8973, -83.0614

19. 39.8098, -82.9720

20. 39.8531, -83.0274

5. 39.7601015, -84.1390109

6. 39.929300, -81.435000

7. 40.069900, -81.484800

8. 40.090600, -81.475400

    21. 39.8922, -82.9098

22. 39.927808, -82.708245

23. 39.846151, -82.602466

24. 39.880102, -82.757841

9.  40.191800, -81.220900

10. 39.0405370,-82.6294710

11. 39.6043152,-82.8848961

12. 39.3178050,-82.1066810

25. 39.828053, -82.793099

26. 39.808958,-82.684311

27. 40.38115 -82.86732

28. 40.38145 -82.87256

13. 40.793202,-82.783802

14.  40.7456854,-84.2071008

15. 40.7556487,-84.0730141

16. 41.077944, -81.452333

29. 40.38061 -82.869

30. 40.38096 -82.87462

31. 40.38362 -82.87728


Geocaching Worksheet

Fill out the geocaching worksheet and enter to win a PRIZE!

Submit your completed worksheet to

* Please don’t share your answers. We want to encourage everyone to try and find all the geocaches on their own. Thank you!

*We seem to be experiencing situations where our geocaches are being stolen, so we will do our part and update the worksheet as often as we can. Be sure you have the latest worksheet.

Do you have everything you need to go on an adventure?


Comfortable Tennis Shoes


Water Bottle


Trinkets To Trade


BGMC Geoache Map


Your Cell Phone with Apple/Google Maps or A GPS Device


Bug Spray/Sunscreen

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Geocaching?

 It is a high tech treasure hunt that you use your smartphone or GPS device to find hidden boxes otherwise known as caches. Ohio KidMin caches have been specifically designed for Ohio’s kids to educate about missionaries all over the world and promote BGMC while having some family fun!

How do I find a geocache?
  1. Enter the GPS coordinates into your smartphone or GPS device to lead you to a cache. These GPS coordinates can be found on the BGMC Geocache Map. If using a smartphone, you can use an app, such as Google Maps or Waze, and simply type in the coordinates. Using the satellite view can make it easier when you get close. As we all know, GPS directions aren’t perfect but this is where the fun begins. When you get within 30 feet start searching the area for the hidden cache. The cache will contain trinkets, missionary trading cards, a logbook, and educational material about a missionary and the country they serve. 
  2. Bring your own trinkets to trade, if you take something out, put something back in. Trinkets can be anything from a cool rock, foreign money, a refrigerator magnet, or that McDonald’s toy sitting in the backseat of your car. 
  3. Please, take some time to read about and pray as a family for that country and missionary. Write your name in the logbook and put the cache back as you found it!
What's next?

As you travel around to the rest of the state and find more geocaches, don’t forget to keep praying for the missionaries you have already found!